A bunch of Irises….I figured my first post should have a line or two explaining this peculiar blog name;peculiar to the rest of the world but befitting to me. I love Irises;the most beautiful flower I ever did see. I like how it’s not the perfect flower in symmetry,it’s petals don’t stand at attention like a fresh rose or lily and i like that because that’s me.At the risk of a reader falling asleep as i take you through a Greek class….The goddess Iris was a messenger,the link between heaven and earth.It’s also the name given to the center of the human eye.I guess this means each of us carries a piece of heaven with us.The fluttering petals of the Iris remind the Chinese of butterfly wings,flapping gently through a soft breeze.

The Iris is also the February birth flower and yes, February baby right here.It’s also the emblem of France which is my all time dream destination. The three petals of the flower represent faith,wisdom and valor;Allow me to digress from the topic a bit but don’t you think the world would surely be a better place if every person lived by these standards?Anyways, In a nutshell :

  • February babies are awesome,loyal friends,real people.
  • Visit France,you just have to.
  • Life is short,stop and smell the Irises
  • We all carry a piece of heaven in us,so says the Greek mythology.

And because this blog is intended for decor,and it is the first time I am meeting you and vice versa,here are visuals about decor for a hangout/ lunch/ soiree with a group of friends 😀


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    1. thanks 😀 am pretty excited about it

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    2. thanks 🙂 i had an awesome time,birthday & anniversary all in one week.

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