Suspended….breaking the mould

Like any 21st century twenty something, I pass time by mostly surfing the internet and like any creative out there, the ultimate goal is to think outside the box and come up with something that makes your peers go “well in, well in”. A few months ago, I was on Pinterest looking for yet another way to make my wedding awesome when I bumped into this really awesome suspended floral hung over the table like a cloud and it took my breath away. I don’t know why but it took me back, way back to when I was a kid. Whenever I reached the playground I would run to the swings, I loved how free it felt to be up in the air. Unfortunately I did not get to use it at my wedding because I was on a budget and flowers are not cost savers. I digress, sorry, back to my topic. So I got to thinking, how cool would it be to have suspended functional and decorative interiors in and around the home? And if it was possible at home, why not the office or a retail outlet? And thus my research started.

I have noted we tend to go for functional pieces when it comes to space. What I want to show you is that you can also have both functional and decorative pieces in your space, be it in a home, backyard, office or even at an event. To try suspended decor I guess one needs to be an adventurous soul, and I say that with love . As I walk about Nairobi I have not come across many examples or maybe am not looking in the right places? hmmm, anyways, if I do spot any suspension-worthy interiors I will definitely update here. In the meantime me hearties, here is what I have found. These can actually be replicated and I plan to incorporate two or three ideas in my home décor shop. I can’t wait to post the results.

1.Here’s what got me started on this, the suspended floral installation. It’s okay, take a minute to take it all in.


2. Cool idea for the backyard. Try this and your place will always be where all your friends want to hold that shindig


  1. I always feel like I need another mirror in the bathroom, they never seem like they were placed right. With this idea, you can right this wrong


  1. This is actually here, at mancave EA located in westlands. Perfectly placed to be where your eye darts to the minute you walk in and I love how they have just the right number of blazers displayed.


  1. Room dividers are not a common concept in Kenya mainly because you won’t come across many studio apartments. However, on the off chance you happen to have a studio apartment or a room that’s so large it can be partitioned, try this out. I especially love this one because it is sheer and just to throw a spanner in the works you have a framed picture symmetrically placed. I am definitely doing this in my house.


6. Indoor gardening is a sight to behold, at least in my world it is. Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with a green thumb and so far my potted plants….RIP. For those lucky enough, here’s an idea.Or,if you like the idea but not the pants,well,try out the storage alternative.

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  1. And this….Sweet Jesus…..this is what I am going to replicate. I have to have it, no, I need to have it! Because I will have it in my shop, it will be for displaying products. For anyone wanting to try this out at home, one word-Bookshelf.


And with that,i hope i have opened your eyes to suspension,showing you that beautiful can also be functional.


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