craft necessities.

I like what i do. Making decor concepts a reality is such a joy.But it is not an easy feat I assure you. What you see on Rehab addict or Cousins on call is not what happens here in Kenya. We do not have  stores where i can walk in and find a replica of that vintage door knob or 1960’s kitchen tiles that are no longer manufactured. And I can’t re-upholster that mess of a seat with the help of my handy staple gun.See all those fancy,handy tools they have that they walk into a hardware store and purchase for a few bucks are not so readily available here. It is a headache I tell you.Like a glue gun which would save me eons of time in DIYs and repairs…good luck finding it and when you do which is most likely in the hardware store in Sarit centre,it is mad expensive it makes no sense!I however found a listing online of a glue gun and the price isn’t bad so I will order it and give it a try. So Santa,here is my interior decor wish that am sure those in my field would agree with me need to be available.And by the way,why do we not have a craft store?*notes down as future business idea*

  1. A craft store -think hobby lobby
  2. Glue gun-It is expensive,am talking blender prices.
  3. Staple gun
  4. Painter’s tape
  5. Fabric paint-this one is here if you search high and low (found it at an art shop in Karen) but it is too expensive and packaged in small amounts.
  6. Frost spray paint
  7. Modpodge
  8. Paint pens-and no, a marker will not suffice
  9. All purpose glue
  10. washi tape

Despite all these 10 shortcomings,i have made some pretty cool stuff with what i have but life would be so much easier with this list. 🙂



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  1. this is awesome…and yes finding this stuff is a pain in the ass. i help my wife with DIY stuff and i would have a way easier time if i had any of these


    1. thanks a bunch urban cassette 🙂


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