Just because you have no designated office that you pay rent for every month does not mean you do not give your business the seriousness it deserves. If you have a business that you operate from home, then you owe it to yourself to set up a home office. It is the perfect resolution that will help you organize your documents, schedules and appointments. You will basically get in the work mood and therefore get more done for your business.

Your home office needs to be somewhere you actually want to work in. How cool would it be if you got to design where you work every day? Well, with a home office you get just that, plus it’s at home! Where to start? Easy, decide the perfect spot to set up your home office. If you have an entire room that you can dedicate to this, then the world is your oyster. If a nook area in your dining or any other space in your home is what you have to work with, it can still work and come off looking quite tasteful.


images from pinterest

However, as you decide on the spot,it is important to note that the spot you pick needs to be near a window to take advantage of the natural light. Plus, if you get bored of reading emails you can turn and look out every once in a while. Day light is awesome but night time is inevitable so you will still need a good table lamp that gives off a nice soft glow.

Next is to decide on furniture. It is important to not ignore ergonomic rules. The desk you choose needs to allow you to be at eye level with the top of your computer screen or slightly below. The last thing you want is to have to go see a chiropractor due to back problems so invest in a chair that can allow you to sit comfortably for hours while you work and one that allows your feet to rest firmly on something.

Storage-my favorite thing – is essential. It is necessary to avoid documents, books, magazines, pens, crafting tools etc. looking like clutter. Organization is key. Remember, cluttered desk equals cluttered mind. You can never have too much storage space so add shelves above or next to your desk, have a storage cabinet if you can and if your desk is custom made, have the carpenter add storage space to it.

Never overlook tech. Invest in a good surge-protected extension that can support all your devices to avoid the hassle of having to juggle plug-in spots. A good idea would be a Wi-Fi printer meaning it can be kept in a different spot.

Add a plant or two. Nothing makes one happier than bringing the outside in. They say plants reduce stress and it doesn’t hurt that they are an inexpensive way of transforming the look of a room. Have a framed picture or two, a quote that motivates you or something that makes you laugh like a bobble head. Why not try a mood board for all the things that inspire you and projects you are working on or have completed?

Now that you are all energized,motivated and ready to finally set up your home office, keep in mind ‘’less is more” so avoid unnecessary furniture or too many accessories. Now go ye and start on your home office project and, when it’s all done,be as productive and as creative as you can be and let your home business flourish .


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